Faiza Mardzoeki


Women’s Concert For Humanity - Song of Survivors/ Konser Perempuan Untuk Kemanusiaan
{ 2017 }

This Dialita Concert featured several young singers: Bonita, Kartika Jahja, Sita Nursanti, Endah Widiastuti, Endah Laras and Junior Soemantri. The musicians were Peter Briyanto Adi (Bass), Imada (Guitar), Jonathan Palempung (Keyboards), Wizra Uchra (Drums) and Achi Harjakusumah (Violin) The Dialita Choir itself is made up of former political prisoners, arrested in 1965 and detained until the late 1970s.

The choir also includes members of their families. Dialita is an acronym from the Indonesian for “Over 50 years” as all the members are over that age, some very elderly. Dialita’s songs provide an alternative voice in the recovery effort from trauma and builds solidarity among survivors while offering a voice of peace and friendship to the public.

They, these former prisoners, have not been treated fairly, in accordance with the standards of law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Even to this day the 1965 political upheaval is still a topic that creates tension. Innocent victims are still waiting for justice and recovery from trauma. The Concert featured 10 songs written from behind the walls of prison.

The concert theme is taken from one of the song titles that is considered to represent the entire spirit of Dialita and of Women Survivors: “Songs for My Child”. The “my child” in question represents the children of the political prisoners, the survivors and the younger generation, the children of the nation’s future.

The concert was produced by Institut Ungu and Dialita Choir and supported by its friends and various supporting organizations, namely Komnas Perempuan, Jakarta Arts Council, YLBHI, ELSAM, IN-DOCS, Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Rumah Bonita, Yayasan Bersama Project, British Council and Indonesia for Humanity.

Monologue Version 'The Silent Song Of The Genjer Flowers'
{ 2016 }

Buku Drama ‘Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer’ karya Faiza Mardzoeki Penerbit Ultimus diluncurkan pada acara Asean Literary Festival 2016 di Teater Kecil – TIM, 7 Mei 2016, Sabtu, pukul 20.00 WIB. Cuplikan pementasan monolog  karya sutradara dan produser Faiza Mardzoeki ini dimainkan oleh aktor senior Pipien Putri.  Music Marcello Pellitteri. video by Joel Thaher

Full length Theater Performance 'SUBVERSIF!'
{ 2015 }

Behind the stage of the SUBVERSIF!
{ 2015 }

A play by Faiza Mardzoeki Adapted from the classic drama ‘Enemy Of The People’ by Henrik Ibsen. Producer Faiza Mardzoeki – Director Wawan Sofwan Date & Venue March 13-14, 2015, Stars 8pm Graha Bhakti Budaya -Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta CAST Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Ayez Kassar, Sita Nursanti, Dinda Kanya Dewi, Kartika Jahja, Hendra Yan, Madin Tasyawan, Andi Bersama, Wawan Sofwan

Full Length Theater Performance 'SILENT SONG OF THE GENJER FLOWERS'
{ 2014 }

Behind The Stage of The Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers Production!
{ 2014 }

 Silent Song Of The Genjer Flowers tells of the spiritual and mental struggles of five women, in their 70s and 80s, who were all political prisoners for more than ten years after 1965.

They face daily survival in their old age while grappling with their memories of the joy and pride of their youth. While bearing also the trauma and memory of the bitter experiences of imprisonment and sexual violence, they face the stigma that those in power attached to them and all their friends.


Six experienced actors play these roles: Niniek L Karim, Pipien Putri, Irawita, Ani Surestu (Jakarta) and Ruth Marini (Lampung), and Heliana Sinaga (Bandung).

The music for the play has been composed by Marcello Pellitteri, a New York based musician, who is also musical director.

Producer, Writer and Director: Faiza Mardzoeki

Venue : Goethe Haus: Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 9-15 Jakarta 7,8, March 2014, 8pm and 9 March 2014, 3pm 

Behind the stage of the 'RUMAH BONEKA'
{ 2011 }

An adaptation for Indonesia of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Translated, adapted and produced by Faiza Mardzoeki. Directed by Wawan Sofwan. Music by Marcello Pellitteri In Bahasa Indonesia with English Subtitles. Production: Institut Ungu and Pentas Indonesia ( 2011) Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, 30 November – 4 Desember 2011

Theater Performance "They Call Me Nyai Onstoroh"/Mereka Memanggilku Nyai Ontosoroh
{ 2010 }

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Performed at  Erasmus Huis, The Netherland Embassy , Jakarta (2010)

The video of They Call Me Nyai Onstosoroh theatre performance was recorded from live performance in Erasmus Huis, Jakarta 2010. After Jakarta they did tour to 3 cities in Europe, Amsterdam, Den Haag (Holland) and Antwerpen (Belgiums)

They Call Me Nyai Ontosoroh is a short version of the play Nyai Ontosoroh adapted by Faiza Mardzoeki from the novel This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta
Toer. The original Nyai Ontosoroh (a three hour long production) was performed in 2007 by nine different directors in nine different Indonesian cities.

It attracted thousands and received wide publicity and critical acclaim in both national and provincial media. The new, shorter version, They Call Me Nyai Ontosoroh, has been commissioned by the Tropen Theatre of Amsterdam to be performed in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2010. It is being produced by Faiza Mardzoeki and directed by Wawan Sofwan. Using flash back techniques, it presents the suspense filled life journey of the concubine (nyai) called Ontorosoh.

The production will also use video art by Ariani Darmawan and Yudith, two experienced film and video artists. The music is being directed by Riki Setiawan and the stage has been designed by Deden Bulqini. Deden is also the accomplished stage designer. Costumes and make up are being coordinated by Irina Dayasih.

The cast comprises Sita Nursanti as Nyai Ontosoroh; Agni Melati as Annelies; Willem Bevers as Meneer Herman Mellema and Bagus Setiawan as Minke.