Faiza Mardzoeki

Some things to mention from Sandra Fiona Long, a friend in Melbourne

Some things to mention. 1 million stars project: Yesterday I helped out on a project which has been instigated by artist and weaver extraordinaire Maryanne Talia Pau – she aims, with a whole lot of others who may want to join in, to weave 1 million stars for peace.

Her work is beautiful, you can see some of it up at the NGV in the Pacific Arts Section. If you want to join this project, here is an instructional video and her website is on this too. We wove stars through the day at Thornbury Primary Schools Art Fair and taught lots of big and small people how to make them.

Thank you Maryanne for sharing this wonderful gift with us. Then yesterday evening I caught up with writer and theatre producer Faiza Mardzoeki, and some of her friends. Faiza is a writer to look out for. She researches her theatre projects for over a year sometimes, and deals with some very tough issues in her work.

Her next piece is about women who were jailed for apparently being ‘communist’ in Indonesia in 1965, which is a really sad history and involved a lot of abuse. This performance work will hopefully get off the ground next year- all the best Faiza! I also met some new friends, Lily Yulianti Farid who is directing the Makassar International Writers Festival in Suleweisi!

What a treat! This is a relatively new festival but it looks really interesting. Also I met Khairani Barokka, a young writer and performer, wow, what a force of nature! I look forward to seeing your work Khairani on Thursday, at Slamalamdingdong. And also, another really interesting artist, Tintin Wulia who showed me her awesome film installation which involved her making over 140 passports .

You can see this video on her blog I left Faiza’s house with my brain spinning, and Faiza, Tintin and Khairani kept going! yay to another weekend with lots of art Also, going to LaMama’s explorations season tomorrow, with my friend Lou, to see ‘Too’ performed by one of my favourite performers Carolyn Connors, and written by Cynthia Troup. I am so excited about this. Called a ‘sound work for theatre’ this sounds just up my alley, and I can’t wait to see how Carolyn will work with Cynthia’s text. Oh, also there is another artist involved, Ben Byrne, composer


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