Faiza Mardzoeki

Synopsis of The Play Monologue “Women Seize The Night”

Written by Rieke Diah Pitaloka and Faiza Mardzoeki

To start up this year, 2008, Institut Ungu and Yayasan Pitaloka present a theatrical performance: three monologues by three women: “Women Seize the Night.” Three women renown for their experience on stage and screen: Rieke Diah Pitaloka, Ria Irawan and Ninik L. Karim will perform as a woman politician, sex worker and housewife respectively.

Ani, a member of parliament, also a wife and mother, always receives biased treatment in the media, and from her colleagues in parliament as well as from society. She always being asked: “is everything Ok at home ……. “ because of her busy schedule outside the home.

Khadijah, a sex worker, is arrested several times while “on the job”. One day there is a raid by a gang of officials. Her customer at the time joins the gang and helps arrest her.
Ranti is a housewife. She discovers that her daughter is suffering the same fate as she: domestic violence at the hands of her husband. The conversation that unfolds between mother and daughter begins a new phase in the mother’s consciousness . . . .
Their monologues are rich with tension, drama as well as humor: ABOUT HOME, LOVE, SEX, POLITICS AND POWER.

We will all be invited to reflect upon what is happening to the women of Indonesia and to the real political situation of the country. These performances will be accompanied by video art and music that will also speak out vividly.