Faiza Mardzoeki

Up coming theater Project: Subversive! an adaptation from Henrik Ibsen’ Enemy of The People in Indonesian context

Subversive 1Given that Indonesia is a country that is experiencing a very complex democratic dynamics, including political issues of power, the role of women, the sustainability of ecosystems and the role of large companies, “Enemy of The People’s Henrik Ibsen becomes very relevant.

However there is still a need for a more contextual approach to bring the play closer to the Indonesian situation. Thus, in addition to the translation I also do re-interpretation of the Enemy Of The People as a basis for adaptation. In the play, the characters who are critical of society are accused of being an enemy of the people. They are depicted as going against the will of the majority.

In the Indonesian context, somebody like Dr Stockman is likely to have been accused of being a “subversive”. People undermining the status quo majority position, such as Stockmann, have historically attracted this label in Indonesia. Based on this definition, the Indonesian translation, text “Enemy of The People” I change titled ‘Subversive!’ (Subversif!) From a town in Norway, I have ‘moved’ it to an imaginary city in Indonesia, called the Kota Kencana (Golden City) The issue of water pollution in the public bath I change an issue of waste pollution caused by uncontrolled gold mining exploration. Indonesia is not too familiar with the public baths in the city.

The public bath is different from swimming in Indonesian culture. Meanwhile, the problem of mining has become a familiar issue in Indonesian society. Indonesia has many mining in various provinces in Indonesia – and all have caused problems. The names of the characters I have changed into names that are familiar to the Indonesian ear.

Here change the names of the characters in Enemy of The People: Doctor Thomas Stockmann: Doctor Torangga Mayor Peter: Mayor Jokarna Katrine: Karina Petra: Sarita Morten Kill: Martin Subrata Aslaksen: Harry Tamboga Hovstad: Hoemario Billing: Belly Hoster: Danura However, both the story and the substance still retain Ibsen thoughts. This play will be performing in Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan) October 2014 and in Gedung Garaha Bhakti Budaya, Jakarta Art Centre, Jakarta, Maret 2015.